• Advisory

    A to Z of advisory services to assist clients in deciding whether and how to invest in lifetime mortgages.


    The scope of services may also extend to assist clients in their interactions with agents appointed to undertake the investments on clients’ behalf

  • Agency

    Designing an investment process and carrying out clients’ instructions in respect of investing in lifetime mortgages.


    Implementing structures and negotiating contracts.

    Undertaking all aspects of monitoring, auditing and maximising chances of achieving client outcomes

    Note: such services would require the client to act as counterparty

  • Investment Platform

    Through LifetimeInvest, benefit from an end-to-end customisable investment platform designed specifically for UK lifetime mortgages, developed for asset managers, pension funds, insurance companies and other investors in the lifetime mortgage space.


    LifetimeInvest can be adapted for simple monitoring purposes. Enables analytics, reporting and other key governance / operational requirements developed in an investment process

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